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Finding Your Inner Artist

During our studies, we sometimes have time for ourselves to pursue our own passions and hobbies, it is not uncommon for us to discover some hidden talents that you may never thought of. For me, I found painting is always delightful, fun and calming. The satisfaction is tremendous especially when the final piece of work is done! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started, as there are a lot of places or events in Kingston that are beginner friendly! Below are some of the places that I would highly recommend to check out for events:


10712975_624131847709042_5284658743946816572_nQueen’s Expressions

This is the only Queen’s club dedicated to hands-on artistic expression, and they aim to make visual arts available to all students beyond the Fine Arts program. The club provides weekly 1.5-hour lessons throughout the semester and the instructors are usually final year art students. Not only do they teach painting, they also do figure drawing and fundamental lessons. All materials are provided and the cost is only $5 for drop-in and $30 for the whole semester.

The detailed information can be found from their Facebook account @QueensExpressions.

Photo taken from https://www.tettcentre.org/. Take a look at the website for more programming information at the Tett.

Photo taken from https://www.tettcentre.org/. Take a look at the website for more programming information at the Tett

Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning

Another great place to check out is the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, which Nikita also mentioned in the previous post. It hosts a variety of workshops such as hand stitching, indigo dye, and even glass pouring. They also host monthly Tett Tuesdays Open Studio for free, even during summer holidays, which provides great opportunities to meet aspiring, emerging and professional artists and artisans within the Kingston community. Whether it’s painting, knitting, drawing, collage, printmaking, embroidery, jewellery or sculpture, you name it, all art mediums are welcome.

You can find the latest events here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/o/tett-centre-for-creativity-and-learning-17012606422

Painting at home

Paint Night with Friends

Paint Nite

If you love painting and drinking beer, then definitely try out the Paint Nite’s events in Kingston. Paradiso Pizza& Bar and Riverhead Brewing Company are the top two Venues here. They are both within 20 minutes drive from Queen’s and are great places to hang out with your friends! Personally, I haven’t been there yet, but I heard the reviews are quite good, it would definitely be my next stop for fun!

You can find the current events here: https://www.paintnite.com/ca/on/kingston/30016/events/

Painting at Home

Want to do painting at home? No problem! As a graduate student who lives on budget, I usually get painting materials such as brushes, paints and canvas from dollar store for cheap. YouTube channels are for sure your best friend! For example, the painting below is the one I did after following this video during the winter break: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUmbrbA-XiY. You can always find numerous short videos about painting like this online.


A Winter Wonderland

We naturally find joy in creativity, until life beats it out of us, telling us that we aren’t good enough. Who sets that standard that we have to meet in any moment in order to be qualified to enjoy the fun?? I say now it’s time for us to bring the joy of making art back and reclaim our artistic loves!

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