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Guest Blog: 5 Things I Have Learned During my First Term at Queen’s University

I am Ishika Matta and am currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering course at ECE department at Queen’s University. Having completed my first semester at Queen’s University, I would like to take time to reflect on my learnings so far. I have highlighted the top 5 things I have learned so far at the university which I believe will be essential to help newcomers as well as the current students at the university.

1. Start off the semester right- Course assignments and deliverables might be overwhelming but the key to ace your semester with a good learning experience and securing a good overall grade is by stating your semester strong. Keep in mind that being able to do well in the lecture quiz, labs or the midterms will make a huge impact. Don’t procrastinate your assignments as it will burden you in the final exams.

2. Make use of campus resources- I wish I had known it earlier that Queen’s University offers a wide array of resources for all students- undergraduate and graduate both. Right from the academic support- such as career services, Student Academic Success Services (SASS): Learning Strategies & The Writing Centre to the health and fitness services like Athletics & Recreation (A&R), Personal Counselors, and other Student Wellness Services Queen’s has got you covered. I believe that I should have accessed the services oftenly to prepare myself for my future assignments.

3. Don’t miss an opportunity- Trust me on this: during your stay at university you will be welcomed by numerous opportunities- seminars, workshops, personal development activities and much more. A golden rule is to stay open minded and welcome opportunities knocking at your door. Saying no to opportunities has to be one of my biggest regrets. Don’t be scared to do things that might be out of your comfort zone.

4. Proper time management is the key- Maintaining a right schedule that works well for you is really important. University tasks can be hectic at times, but sticking to a proper time table will help you balance out the academics, sports, health, personal and social life.

5. Networking, Networking, Networking!- College is all about meeting new people from different cultures and ethnicities. Be open to communicate among your peers and make the most from their experiences and knowledge. In my first term, I have met really incredible people and they have helped me shape into a dynamic individual.

Life happens between your time at Queen’s. It is important to stay focused on academics but striking the right balance between academic and personal life is essential for a happy life. Make sure you make the most of your time in Queen’s!

By: Ishika Matta

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