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Guest Blog – 3 Tips for Staying Productive Remotely – Topic: New Students

With classes being remote for a bit, it can be hard to stay motivated to get stuff done from home, especially if you’re in another time zone like I am. Although I am happy to be back at home and surrounded by family and friends, the distractions have doubled. However, I picked up some tips and tricks from finishing my undergraduate degree remotely that I hope can also help you get adjusted to this new remote environment. 

  1. Get some rest! 

With the time zone difference between BC and Ontario, my morning classes will be happening even earlier. Although I know it will be tempting to sleep in, I am going to approach this as an opportunity to wake up earlier. However, in order to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for my morning classes, I know I will need to get to bed early and have a set bedtime and wake-up time. As an early bird, I am hoping that the change will not be too much of an adjustment but I will have 5 back-up alarms turned on just in case. 

  • Dress for Success! 

It can be tempting to keep your camera off and wear only sweatpants to class but research has shown that dressing up can improve performance. Changing out of your pajamas can also decrease sleepiness and put you in the studying mood. Also be brave and turn on your camera! For those of us who have been a teaching assistant, we can probably relate to how professors may feel talking to a sea of black boxes. It can also help you get references for the future as professors are more likely to remember who you are. You are also more likely to pay attention if you feel like you are being watched. 

  • Take some screen breaks! 

With the recent COVID restrictions, many parts of our life may have become remote so we may be spending even more time on our devices than usual. Make sure to take some eye breaks and to go outside. It can be tempting to sit on your computer all day, especially as thesis deadlines approach, but trust me your body and mental health will thank you. 

Remember we are living in some uncertain times and with classes being remote it’s easy to feel some Zoom fatigue. So be kind to yourself if you aren’t as productive as you usually are. Try to set reasonable deadlines and set boundaries as needed. Don’t worry we will get through this! 

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One comment on “Guest Blog – 3 Tips for Staying Productive Remotely – Topic: New Students
  1. Of course, staying motivated and productive at home can be very tough because the home atmosphere relaxes you and you have a lot of distractions. I study and work remotely and this manual makes a great difference for me because you shared truly effective recommendations. To tell the truth, really often people underestimate the influence of clothes on our inner condition and our mood, but it is truly great. I am not surprised that dressing up can improve performance because this maneuver is a little deception of our brain and it helps us feel more organized, coming out of a state of apathy. Of course, it is also important to take some screen breaks because it is an effective way to recharge your batteries and clear your head. It is a necessary thing for your mental and physical state which can be exhausted after sitting at the computer for a long time.

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