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Gradifying is for people who are considering grad studies at Queen’s and also for those who have already taken the plunge. It’s an interactive site regularly updated by a group of students from different programs who are writing from different perspectives, life stages, and situations.

Not only is there new content every week on a variety of topics ranging from figuring out your relationship with your supervisor, to thesis formatting, to misadventures in making friends in a new city, but we also respond to your questions and interests. Leave a comment or send us your questions in an email (gradify@queensu.ca), and we’ll do our best to come up with the content you’re looking for. And if you’ve got some grad wisdom, lay it on us – we’re happy to receive a pitch for a guest post.

Visit our blogger profiles to put a face to a post, and visit our homepage to see recent articles and browse our past content, which is organized by theme and by school year calendar cycle.

~ Dustin & Amanda | gradify@queensu.ca

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