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A reading for grad students

This is my final post for the year, and my last chance to make good on an offhand pitch I made to a friend and fellow grad student near the start of this blogging cycle—a collective reading for grad students

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What might academic writing learn from text messages?

Writing has, understandably, received its share of attention on this blog. Among the current roster of writers, Isabel shares her experience with finding those 15 minutes a day to write the dissertation (not to work on, but to write). On

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To These Friends, Thank You

I love reading the Acknowledgements in academic books. In many cases and in many ways, these two, three-page summaries of debts and gratitude owed, at once pushed to dramatic excess by the emotional intensity of lengthy research projects (“My gratitude

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Queer Screens, Queer Scenes

A short conversation with Pierre-Luc Landry, chairperson of the Reelout board of directors, and a professor in the Department of French, Literature, and Culture at RMC: G H Y: I want to begin by covering some bases (and apologize for

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Doing Food, Together

It was a rainy Saturday evening, the last of the month, and I was feeling the wear of what had seemed an especially drawn-out October. Still, I made my way to Modern Fuel for a performative talk by artist Amy

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To all the books I’ve loved before

I was partway through Alexander Chee’s new book when, certain of my fondness for it, I started sharing it with friends. One in particular reciprocated with an enthusiasm that both mirrored and, catching as it was, fuelled my own. We

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