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On May 31st I took a flight from Toronto to Beijing, China. After 13 hours direct flight and another 3 hours transfer plus 4 hours waiting time, I was finally welcomed by the cool, light and fresh air in Shenzhen.

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Summer Vacation Tips

Over one night, a neighbor’s Magnolia tree has dressed its yard with full pink flower clusters, proudly blooming on the branches and turning the bleak winter palette into a vibrant tableau. The mind and body cheerfully flee from a cryptic

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How to Be in School Forever and Still Feel Like a Real Adult

To be in school and to feel like a real adult are not mutually exclusive. We use to think school as an ivory tower bonds our vision and experience in a pure academic environment that filled with passion of exploration

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Doing is Better than Imagining- Scheduling Your Final Exams

Final exams are around the corner! … … … … … … Hey easy, this is not a bloody warning. [smile.jpg] This is just to remind you, that you can handle a bunch of tight deadlines, readings, assignments, activities (and balabala…)

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Social Network – The Stage of Job Hunting

Years of work experiences in Canada’s small city have verified a hidden (people do not talk about it) and well-worn (people all know it) principle to me: 99% of job offers come from your connection.  I remembered when i heard

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Mentally Well? A Question to Ask Youself.

Am I feel mentally well? Not many people ask themselves this question in their everyday lives. We watch our body, listen to other’s perspective, focus on our works. We often ignore that our mind is essentially a delicate organ that

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Sexual Violence Awareness is Critical

On November 22, 2017, Robyn Doolittle, a reporter for The Globe and Mail, gave a talk in McLaughlin Hall in JUDC as a part of Sexual Violence Awareness Week at Queen’s. Having done a nationally recognized investigative piece titled ‘Unfounded,’

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Graduation and … Career!

When I was in the second year of my master study, it was also my second year in Canada. During this time, I had realized that my lack of Canadian work experience would negatively impact my future job hunting (the

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How Emotional Intelligence helps?

Last week in her post, Vanessa talked about whether viewing intelligence as a fixed or malleable quality has a big difference in responding to academic failures. Like her, I am in favor of a more flexible theory about our intellectual

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What Is Missing in “Socialize”?

In grad school we tend to “verb” the need of making friends as, socialize, which sounds rational, aimed and mature. In socialization, we strive to be more interesting, appealing and impressive; we take this occasion as a chance to practice

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