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Merry & Bright or Gloomy Plight? Anticipating the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! The string lights, the decorated trees, the merry music, the bright white snow… the three term papers that are due, the ethics application that needs to be submitted, the scholarship deadlines, the experiment you

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Juggling Multiple Roles: The Graduate Student Struggle

By nature, graduate students occupy multiple roles. We aren’t just students, we are also employed contractually by the university as TAs, RAs, and TFs as part of our program training (and our funding packages). On top of that, many of

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November Festivities

Brrrr, I finally had to bust out my winter jacket for my morning walk! I think this cold weather that has slowly made its way to Kingston is here to stay. It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through

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Give me a break! Dealing with Stress in Academics

Some people struggle on Mondays, some during long cold winter periods, and if you are anything like me, you just struggle all the time. There is nothing wrong with struggling, and the older I am getting, the more I am

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Accepting Failures, Mistakes, and Setbacks

A lot of us who end up in graduate school are here because we have excelled academically. So, it can be difficult to accept the inevitable – at some point in your graduate school experience, you will fail at something.

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Using Social Media as an Academic Resource: Conference, Connections and the Job Market

We have all heard the reports about how bad social media can be for mental health and wellness. I personally try to detox from social media every couple of weeks (for me, this means deleting apps from my phone for

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Tackling Non-Academic Challenges and Self-Improvement in Graduate School

Graduate school has a tendency to creep into every corner of your life, taking away time from hobbies and goals that you held previously. I often have struggled doing other non-academic hobbies because I feel like everything should be devoted

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From Bride to PhD: Combining Big Life Events and Graduate Work

For the last couple of weeks, people keep asking me how many days I have left to count down. As a child, I loved this question as there were only two options at the end of that count: food or

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Fall Festivities in Kingston

By: Madison Danford  The first month of this new semester has come and gone, and as we approach the midterm season, we must take a step back and enjoy this season we have upon us before the snow touches down.

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A Quick Guide to the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation at Queen’s

Having a National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is a new concept on campus at Queen’s University, and throughout the nation known as Canada. With the broader public gaining insight into the horrors of Residential Schools, the Sixties Scoop, and

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