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COVID-19 and Disability: Navigating New Times

Individual typing on laptop keyboard

Although we have been living in quarantine and practicing social distancing for about six weeks, programs and protocols are continuously emerging. It seems that we are constantly scanning through new information — and this can be quite the task for

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Colliding Goals: Launching Personal Business and Writing Master’s Thesis

Upon entering grad school, I thought that my research would be used to (potentially) publish articles and (ultimately) write my master’s thesis — and that is it. I am probably not the only one who believed that this was the

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A Reading Week Well Spent at Boot Camp

Group of grad students in the library

My posts are typically dedicated to experiences or issues pertaining to accessibility and disability. I am switching themes this week because I participated in an event that shifted my perception of being a graduate student. I recently attended the Dissertation

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On Being Accommodated in Grad School: Realities of a Disabled TA

White desktop with newspaper, pen, coffee, plant, calculator, laptop, papers, and hands with watch

My second term at Queen’s is already well underway, and yet I am still in the midst of learning how best to navigate the structures of graduate school. Recently, I have started my first TAship. Ever since considering the possibility

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The Search in Finding Housing: A Never Ending Hunt?

Happy New Year to all! The holidays may be behind us, but the saying ’tis is the season is still pertinent for many students. Why? This is definitely the season for house hunters! The first few months of 2020 are critical for finding

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Challenges Faced in Winter Wonderlands

Ice on tree branches

I cannot believe that December is already creeping upon us. While I appreciate this time of year, I develop a new sense of agony because I know that snow is likely to appear sooner or later. I still remember, as

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Through My Dog’s Eyes: Navigating Grad School with My Service Animal

White standard poodle is in a sitting position beside owner who is in kneeling position. Both are sitting on a white blanket, facing water with trees reflecting on it.

Hi everyone! My name is Chloée, and I am currently in the first year of my MA program. Through my blog series, I will attempt to provide a broad scope of my experience as a disabled student. In this first

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