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Welcome (Back) to Queen’s and Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Welcome to Queen’s University, to the city of Kingston, and to our special little place on the Internet called Gradifying. I’m the Chief Editor, Dustin, with a little preamble to our first post of the year from Chengcheng. This is

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Our Woman in Russia: Anastasiya Boika on Researching Abroad

This next series of posts is going to be made up of guest writings and interviews with people who have experience with topics that the Gradifying team hasn’t written about as much as others. Today we’re starting off with the topic of studying

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Backup, backup, backup: Why you should use Dropbox

Before I start, remember that we are currently taking applications to become a blogger at Gradifying! Submit your application today to gradify@queensu.ca! With the end of the semester approaching and people frantically writing papers, or starting to assemble their theses/dissertations,

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New SGS International Student Blog

I’m Yazan Qasrawi, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of civil engineering. Since coming to Queen’s from Jordan in 2000, I have completed an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree as an international student, took advantage of the work

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