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Summer Productivity: How to Balance Life and Writing During the Summer Months

The spring and summer months stretch forth in an unending desert. Hot, endless, and with my eyes stinging I try to come up with a way to successful make it through to the other side. Many of us face the

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Apartment Hunting in Kingston

Apartment hunting can be tricky in a university town like Kingston, especially if you are apartment hunting from far away. As an international student who moved to Canada during COVID travel restrictions, I was not able to visit my apartment

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Mental Health – We All Have It

Last week I was sitting in my therapist’s office discussing ways to deal with emotions in a healthy way. Generally, I consider myself a mental wreck (I’m in and out of therapy, take daily medications, and I am way too

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Guest Blog – 3 Tips for Staying Productive Remotely – Topic: New Students

With classes being remote for a bit, it can be hard to stay motivated to get stuff done from home, especially if you’re in another time zone like I am. Although I am happy to be back at home and

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Importance of Graduate Student Community for Managing Mental Health Struggles in the Pandemic Era

            Managing one’s mental health is already incredibly difficult during graduate school in non-pandemic times. Balancing reading, lab work, research, writing, alongside teaching responsibilities, publishing, and conference presentation is so stressful that many students find themselves overwhelmed at some point of

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Managing Comprehensive Exams Stress: Tips and Tricks to Making the Most of Your Summer

Last year, as April came to a close and my coursework ended, the stress of planning and preparing for comprehensive exams began. Of course, that was accompanied by an undue level of stress and anxiety. Building on tips from other

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Guest Blog: 5 Things I Have Learned During my First Term at Queen’s University

I am Ishika Matta and am currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering course at ECE department at Queen’s University. Having completed my first semester at Queen’s University, I would like to take time to reflect on my learnings so far.

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Relieve Your End-of-Semester Stress in Nature

Relieve Your End-of-Semester Stress in Nature It’s finally starting to warm up in Kingston, but with the nice weather comes the stress of the end of the semester. Whether you’re swamped with marking, planning your field season, preparing for your

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Spring has sprung! Well, sort of…

March 21 marked the official first day of spring! Although, as I sit here and write this post, it is snowing in Kingston! I remain hopeful this snow won’t last and by the time this blog is reaching your inbox,

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We can(’t) make it fun; we can make it easier

Oh boy, it’s tax season again. Statistically, you most likely don’t enjoy doing your income taxes, with research showing that 66% of the eligible population dislikes or even hates filing their income taxes. Yet, this means that 34% of the

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