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3 Pieces of Advice from a Dissertation Boot Camp Expert!

This January, I embraced a number of key professional development opportunities important for my Ph.D. research and future career. As a result, I found that my focus shifted, and my regular routine all but disappeared. I am thankful and excited

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Why I signed up for a half marathon on a whim

A few weeks ago, I sat at my desk after a long day of editing and realized the back and neck pain I was feeling went beyond a normal day’s strain. In favour of meeting a number of tight deadlines,

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TMI or Maybe Just Not Enough?

14 to 25 % of women have irregular periods, with 1 in 5 women experiencing heavy bleeding and cramps. Every grad student either knows, works with, or identifies as a woman. This means that it is likely that many of

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We’ve All Gotta Eat: Food Resources in the Queen’s and the Kingston Community

We’ve All Gotta Eat: Food Resources in the Queen’s and the Kingston Community Being a graduate student is financially difficult for most of us. Between the cost of tuition, rent, books and materials, it can often be difficult to find

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Starting Fresh: A New Begin to the Academic Semester

Okay, it’s Monday. The first Monday after the winter break. Our first week back at university, and somehow life is already more chaotic than anticipated. I am generally a very organized human being, with my husband repeating after me “efficiency

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Post Holidays Blues, and Purples, and Greens

It is January. For the past month, many of us have been dealing with a blur of holiday events and occasions. Now that the New Year has begun, many of us are able to slow down finally. But with the

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All I want for Christmas is no homesickness

Mariah Carey, reindeer, big meals, lights, snow, trees… oh and homesickness. The Christmas season has a lot of perks for graduate students, but for a fair share of us, it is also the one time we are reminded that we

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Merry & Bright or Gloomy Plight? Anticipating the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! The string lights, the decorated trees, the merry music, the bright white snow… the three term papers that are due, the ethics application that needs to be submitted, the scholarship deadlines, the experiment you

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Juggling Multiple Roles: The Graduate Student Struggle

By nature, graduate students occupy multiple roles. We aren’t just students, we are also employed contractually by the university as TAs, RAs, and TFs as part of our program training (and our funding packages). On top of that, many of

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November Festivities

Brrrr, I finally had to bust out my winter jacket for my morning walk! I think this cold weather that has slowly made its way to Kingston is here to stay. It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through

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