2013-01-10 Staff focus groups

Staff in the libraries and archives have been participating in stakeholder consultations in a variety of ways, including a January 10th focus group session facilitated by Erik Lockhart of Queen’s Executive Decision Centre. The results will be collated with other inputs to shape the key elements of the plan. The 46 participants were asked four questions:

  1. What types and configurations of spaces would you like to see incorporated into the master plan?
  2. What improvements (modifications, tweaks etc.) would you like to existing library and archives spaces?  (Consider: (e.g. programming, security, access, egress, food services, lighting etc.).
  3. In what ways do you see technology incorporated into the master plan?
  4. Guiding principles and priorities. Imagine you are writing the executive summary of the plan and you need include a few key guiding principles that must be maintained in all the suggestions, strategies and recommendations contained within the plan.

See the report for their answers:  Library and Archives Master Plan: Queen’s University Library and Archives Staff Focus Group Highlights, January 10, 2013

3 thoughts on “2013-01-10 Staff focus groups

  1. In the future development of the Archives it would certainly be nice to have some sort of food service close by for our researchers as we have many who come to use our services who are not student’s of this university. Perhaps even something as simple as a couple of food vending machines in the nook just inside the front door and to the right as you walk in the building.

  2. Once again concerning the archives, we really need money set aside for equipment to keep up with the services we offer to the public. Even for such things as bookcarts that are not squeaky and difficult to manouever. The world of computers and services they provide is constantly changing and we need to keep up but of course once again it comes down to finances. There is also the need for more space to be considered as a priority for the Archives as we expand our wealth of knowledge to be preserved for future generations in that vein we have a space but need a floor over the movable shelving so we could provide more of that sort of storage. I hope some of these issues will be considered and perhaps solved in the coming unfolding of plans for the future of Queen’s Archives and the Libraries.

    • Dear Elaine:

      On behalf of both the Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) Steering Group and CS&P Architects, Inc., the consulting group assisting us in this important re-visioning process, I wish to thank you for your thoughtful observations and suggestions concerning Queen’s University Archives, in particular. Your ideas relating to how we may better serve our public, as well as your comments surrounding additional and upgraded equipment and technology, plus the ever present need for additional space will certainly be taken into consideration by both bodies as they work towards crafting a final set of recommendations. In the meantime, thank you again for your input, and I encourage you to keep your thoughts flowing!

      Best regards


      Paul Banfield, University Archivist

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