Have your say: Is the library open when you need it?

What is your favourite time to study in the library? Is it open when you need it?  What suggestions do you have for the hours of particular libraries?  (Consider spring and summer, as well as fall and winter.)

4 thoughts on “Have your say: Is the library open when you need it?

  1. Digital Humanities projects and Digital Humanists (both experienced and beginner) are seeking the availability of a DH Lab. This ideal Lab would be able to provide the following to students and faculty at Queen’s:

    – software and tools to support Digital Humanities projects (including Content Management Systems, databases, etc.), including digital sandboxes for testing ideas and projects
    – Collaborative space for all disciplines to meet, network and produce
    – Technician (Lab manager) to assist with various problems
    – Central node (centre of excellence) of digital projects at Queen’s
    – Access to central server space to host DH websites
    – Open and inviting to all skill-levels
    – Space for regular DH workshops
    – Sustainable funding to maintain the space (possible partnerships with companies – sponsorships)

    • Thanks THATCamp – hope your event is going well today. This detail is really helpful. Any good examples you have in mind from other institutions?

  2. Let’s not forget that grad students are here throughout the summer! Regular access to the library is crucial to completing our degrees. Summer is the best time to get research done, because there are fewer classes and other distractions (like grant applications). If the libraries and archives have reduced hours, that cuts into that advantage.

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