2013-02-07: Take the LibQUAL+ survey

Queen’s University Library is surveying the Queen’s community to learn more about our users’ perceptions and expectations of the Library. The survey is called LibQUAL+ and is part of a national effort to develop effective measures of library service quality and identify best practices. This year’s LibQUAL survey results will serve as a valuable adjunct to LAMP planning.

A random sample of students, faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to participate. But if you aren’t part of the sample, you can still take part. Just email libqual@queensu.ca and we will provide you with the information you need to complete the survey.

One thought on “2013-02-07: Take the LibQUAL+ survey

  1. A large private study space for graduate students would be great!

    More access to newspaper archives from around the world – either via online portals or onsite would be nice.

    Access to more online journals would be great.

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