One thought on “2013-03-26 Information Exchange

  1. Some comments heard at the Information Exchange…

    Provide more group rooms for students, like the breakout rooms in Goodes Hall.

    Ensure staff are still visible and very connected with their faculties.

    Think even bigger — e.g. a pedestrian overpass between Douglas and Stauffer. Plan radical linking.

    Parking is a problem for Archives, given their many community users.

    A student enthused about bringing Archives together with Special Collections, because he often needs to consult both for the same project.

    A suggestion for shelf read functionality in the catalogue to replace
    the serendipity that gets lost online.

    Someone who was struggling with small group room booking and was going
    to think about sizes and furniture and give us feedback.

    Someone in history who would love to have more access to the archives.

    One person who did not like the low ceilinged spaces in Douglas.

    Several people who had strong preferences for levels of noise (in both
    directions) and open/closed spaces (in both directions).

    Someone who was appalled that they couldn’t bring food into the adaptive
    tech area because they’d been told “there’s no money to replace the

    What about green/sustainable issues for library and archives spaces
    (? green wall in Stauffer)?

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