2013-04-05 Stauffer and Douglas emerging concepts

The Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) project is now at the stage of developing options based on several key ideas.

First, a set of guiding principles was developed following stakeholder input and a careful examination of existing facilities and background information.  These principles are presented in a display currently in Stauffer Library, and online.

Second, several programmatic elements and the relationships between them were established for all library and archives facilities:  services, collections and learning/study.  Collections (physical and virtual) remain at the core of the library and the archives, surrounded by a variety of services, and those services are intertwined with spaces for learning and research.

Third, it was established that the existing facility for the Archives, Kathleen Ryan Hall, is inadequate for archival collections and services and a new location must be found.  Synergies with special collections argue for its relocation to Douglas Library where Jordan Library is housed.

With all this in mind, the LAMP Steering Group and the planning team led by CS&P Architects have been considering the suggestions heard in the stakeholder consultations regarding services and spaces for learning and research, concentrating first on Douglas Library and Stauffer Library.  These two signature buildings at the intersection of University and Union are seen as key academic spaces forming a ‘library town square.’  Revisions to their interior plans and to the public realm that connects them are being suggested to enhance both the student learning experience and research services.

A set of drawings for Stauffer and Douglas is available online and in Stauffer Library to generate feedback and ideas. These are broad stroke representations of space for services, collections and learning/study.  More detailed layouts would be established for specific projects as they proceed in the months and years following completion of the master plan.  In April and May, planning will focus on the other libraries and the system as a whole.  The master plan is scheduled for completion in June.

An information session and Q&A on the LAMP project will be held on Friday, April 26th from 11:00-11:45 a.m. in Robert Sutherland Hall Rm.202.  All are welcome.

2 thoughts on “2013-04-05 Stauffer and Douglas emerging concepts

  1. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of these emerging ideas.

    It is exciting to see the potential for archives and special collections to collaborate and especially make use of exhibit space to highlight collections that we might not otherwise have the privilege of seeing.

    The plans for Stauffer Library are also interesting. I am very glad to hear that serious consideration is being given to maximizing light in the spaces (libraries shouldn’t be dark!) I hope that a balanced approach is being taken between providing inspiring and bright student spaces, and providing the same inspiration and light for staff. Students are here working diligently for a significant commitment of about four years. Please don’t forget that staff are often here working diligently eight hours per day for 30 years. Natural light is good for productivity in staff too :)

  2. These concepts are really interesting. I encourage you to garner more student attention by putting them in the monthly newsletter or just emailing all students and faculty about these designs. My favourite library is Douglas, and I especially enjoy studying in the basement of Douglas where there is little to no cell phone signal and is extremely quiet. There are no elevator dings, talking, large desks in an open but small space, and is very cozy and warm. According to the designs, it seems like you are thinking of getting rid of that personal paradise of mine, and I implore you to leave some study space in the basement of Douglas. It has more value than you think. Thank you.

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