LAMP is heading into the home stretch – further thoughts?

In June the steering group will be working with our planning partners to develop a draft report to be shared with the Campus Master Plan Advisory Group in July.  Do you have any further thoughts to share with us at this stage?

One thought on “LAMP is heading into the home stretch – further thoughts?

  1. Recently, Donna Katinas from the Writing Centre and I (Nathalie Soini, Learning Commons Coordinator) discussed the need for International Students who need ESL support in the Learning Commons. There is a need for a space where students can work on online modules to practice their grammar and a space to work on assignments with Donna (or peer tutors). It doesn’t need to be huge space, but looking at the photocopy alcove on the main floor, we thought that this space would be ideal for this kind of work. There are windows so that the students don’t feel like there is a barrier to the rest of the commons and their friends AND it is close enough to the Writing Centre, where there are resources for Donna and /or the Peer tutors.
    We hope that a space to help students improve their English (who are not part of the SOE or the bridging program) can become part of the new space in Stauffer.
    Thank you,
    Nathalie and Donna

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