2013-10-29 Senate

The Library and Archives Master Plan was presented to Senate today for information and comment. The questions related to design elements and measures to be taken to retain study spaces and limit noise during renovations. A student Senator expressed strong support for the Plan. There were no questions or comments that indicated a need for revisions to the concepts or documents. The next step is presentation to the Queen’s University Planning Committee, for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

What do you think of the Library and Archives Master Plan?

In 2012-13, the LAMP project progressed through the phases of discovery, analysis and exploration, and the final stage of reporting was completed over the summer. As we start the 2013-14 academic year, the LAMP Steering Group is pleased to share the Library and Archives Master Plan with the Queen’s community, and welcomes your feedback. (The file is large, so while it downloads you may want to read the Executive Summary.)

LAMP is being presented to various groups for information and comment this Fall, including Senate in October. Recommendations will go to the Board in December.



2013-09-09 QUPC

The Queen’s University Planning Committee (QUPC) received a status report on the Library and Archives Master Plan today, for information and comment. The full LAMP report is in production and will be posted in the week of September 23rd. The LAMP Steering Group will continue its listening as the Queen’s community reviews the Plan. The Plan will be submitted to the QUPC in November for recommendation to the Board in December.


2013-07-03 Phase 3

The LAMP Steering Group met today with our consultants to begin wrapping up Phase 3 of the planning process – proposed recommendations. This follows on Phase 1, the discovery and analysis begun last November, and Phase 2, the exploration that occurred throughout the spring. A full report will be prepared this summer, for review by the community this coming fall.

2012-11-29: Project Presentation

Queen’s Library and the Archives invite all stakeholders of the Queen’s community to attend the upcoming project overview presentation on Thursday, November 29th, 9:00 – 9:45 am, Robert Sutherland Hall Rm. 202.

This presentation will kick off two days of intensive consultation with all Queen’s stakeholders. CS&P, will facilitate discussion sessions with staff groups relating to each library, the Archives, collections, information technology and academic services (reference/information, teaching, research services).  Other group sessions include QLC partners, faculty, undergraduates, graduate students and university operations (campus planning, security, etc).

[Update: see the record of these sessions, here]

2012-10-30: Planning partner selected!

The Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) process is moving into a new phase in November. The RFP for a planning partner has concluded successfully, with an agreement with CS&P Architects. CS&P is one of Canada’s leading architectural, planning, urban and interior design firms specializing in education, with over 350 completed projects in Canada and abroad, including work on 22 university and college campuses. They bring a strong knowledge of Queen’s gained from several successful projects such as the Macdonald Hall renovation and the Tindall Field redevelopment.

CS&P will be working in association with Reich & Petch Architects and Aaron Cohen Associates. Reich & Petch are specialists in the field of collections storage and display, having worked extensively with such institutions as the Smithsonian, the Royal Ontario Museum, the AGO and the Ontario Provincial Archives storage facility. Aaron Cohen & Associates is a firm of highly regarded library specialists with an impressive international portfolio of work, including Stanford University and several Canadian institutions such as Western. Together this core team, led by CS&P, will be supported by a group of experienced sub consultants, including Novita Techne Audio/Visual Consultants, who bring very valuable experience from projects such as the University of Toronto Mississauga Instructional Centre, the Perimeter Institute and the exciting new Ryerson University Student Learning Centre.

The LAMP Steering Group will be having a kick-off meeting with CS&P on November 5th. A first priority is to plan stakeholder consultations spanning the whole project. One set of dates has been selected now, timed so that the first phase of input occurs early in the process but not during exams. The team will be here for two full days, November 29th and 30th. The schedule of consultations will be set in early November, but for now, please hold the morning of November 29th in your calendars for an introductory presentation by our partners, open to all.

2012-09-04: Interview day

Today was interview day for the shortlisted proponents. This is a busy time of year for members of the evaluation team, but their attention and enthusiasm was as sharp as ever. Nice to be a step closer to concluding the RFP process, and still on schedule.