2013-06-04 Library network concept

At recent workshops, the steering group has explored the concept of a campus network of Library Information Networked Clusters (LINC). This includes the smaller libraries in the current system — in the Education, Health Sciences and Law buildings — which will continue to evolve over time as more print resources become digital and spaces change to support the student learning experience in new ways. As well, we’re introducing the idea of LINCs that could be developed in parts of campus currently lacking community learning spaces. Like libraries, these would be open to all students, and they would have the ambience of a library, with strong connections to virtual information and services. Unlike a traditional library, they wouldn’t involve the management of print collections. Those collections will continue to be housed in our existing libraries or, for materials rarely used, accessed through storage retrieval services.

For more on these ideas, see the May 24 and 31 workshop slides posted on the Steering Group & Minutes page.

2013-04-05 Stauffer and Douglas emerging concepts

The Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) project is now at the stage of developing options based on several key ideas.

First, a set of guiding principles was developed following stakeholder input and a careful examination of existing facilities and background information.  These principles are presented in a display currently in Stauffer Library, and online.

Second, several programmatic elements and the relationships between them were established for all library and archives facilities:  services, collections and learning/study.  Collections (physical and virtual) remain at the core of the library and the archives, surrounded by a variety of services, and those services are intertwined with spaces for learning and research.

Third, it was established that the existing facility for the Archives, Kathleen Ryan Hall, is inadequate for archival collections and services and a new location must be found.  Synergies with special collections argue for its relocation to Douglas Library where Jordan Library is housed.

With all this in mind, the LAMP Steering Group and the planning team led by CS&P Architects have been considering the suggestions heard in the stakeholder consultations regarding services and spaces for learning and research, concentrating first on Douglas Library and Stauffer Library.  These two signature buildings at the intersection of University and Union are seen as key academic spaces forming a ‘library town square.’  Revisions to their interior plans and to the public realm that connects them are being suggested to enhance both the student learning experience and research services.

A set of drawings for Stauffer and Douglas is available online and in Stauffer Library to generate feedback and ideas. These are broad stroke representations of space for services, collections and learning/study.  More detailed layouts would be established for specific projects as they proceed in the months and years following completion of the master plan.  In April and May, planning will focus on the other libraries and the system as a whole.  The master plan is scheduled for completion in June.

An information session and Q&A on the LAMP project will be held on Friday, April 26th from 11:00-11:45 a.m. in Robert Sutherland Hall Rm.202.  All are welcome.

2013-03-22: Workshop #5

The LAMP Steering Committee engaged with the CS&P planning team today in a workshop focused on re-imagining Stauffer Library and Douglas Library.  The ideas build on the student learning experience theme of the Queen’s Learning Commons in Stauffer Library, and a new focus on archives and special collections in Douglas Library.  There was much enthusiasm and feedback, and the CS&P team will be working on another set of drawings to solicit general feedback on these ideas in April.

2013-03-04: Workshop #4

The LAMP Steering Group had a visioning workshop with the CS&P team today, and we were joined by one of the architects working on the Campus Master Plan.  It was a lively discussion, ranging from defining ‘what is a library’ to discussions of specific programming opportunities for study/learning/teaching space and service space.  The architects challenged the group to discuss/debate/and recommend programme opportunities from a proposed menu of potential spaces and to propose new opportunities, to develop a new alchemy of spaces for the future  library and archives.  It was noted that Stauffer Library and Douglas Library are a pivotal point in the campus, and offer the potential to create a Library Town Square.

2013-02-14: Workshop #3

The CS&P team visited Queen’s today for a workshop with the LAMP Steering Group. It began with a presentation of what the team has learned from the stakeholder consultations and information gathering to date, and proposed a set of key principles:

  • Teaching/Learning & Study Spaces – Provide increased number of technology rich individual and collaborative teaching, learning and study spaces throughout the library system to better support scholarship and research.
  • Services – Deploy strategically, the tools, technology and resources required to most effectively address the superb delivery of library services for 21st century teaching, learning and research.
  • Collections – Develop a sustainable collection model that supports the move to the stewardship of e-collections in the library system with a complementary and coherent tangible collections strategy that improves preservation, access and display.
  • Technology – Infuse and seamlessly integrate technology into the management and delivery of library services to create a state-of-the-art library system.
  • Facilities Operations – Develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategy for the facilities’ operations of the library system which aligns with the university’s academic mission.
  • Library as Place – Restore, transform and enhance the potential of underdeveloped library spaces into memorable places for social and intellectual encounter and discovery.
  • Accessibility – Provide safe, secure, and universally accessible study environments in all campus libraries.
  • Diversity & Community – Welcome and recognize through the use, flexibility, partnerships and programming potential in library spaces the significance of cultural diversity and community outreach on the Queen’s campus.

They presented the Steering Group with their analysis of our current library and archives facilities and then led the group in a discussion of potential scenarios for the future configuration of spaces. This ‘discovery and analysis’ phase of the project will continue through February and into March, when the group will come together again for a visioning session focused on potential programming for study/teaching/learning space and services space.

2013-02-07: Take the LibQUAL+ survey

Queen’s University Library is surveying the Queen’s community to learn more about our users’ perceptions and expectations of the Library. The survey is called LibQUAL+ and is part of a national effort to develop effective measures of library service quality and identify best practices. This year’s LibQUAL survey results will serve as a valuable adjunct to LAMP planning.

A random sample of students, faculty and staff will receive an email invitation to participate. But if you aren’t part of the sample, you can still take part. Just email libqual@queensu.ca and we will provide you with the information you need to complete the survey.

2013-01-16 Stakeholder Consultations Round 2

The Library and Archives Master Plan needs you!  Consultations continue, building on the many ideas generated since the project launch in November. Students, faculty and staff are invited to sign up for these focus groups (contact lindsay.campbell@queensu.ca):

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
at the University Club

9:00 – 10:15        Focus on Collections

Tell us more about your collections interests, how you use and create digital content, what you want for print collections… help us design spaces for all kinds of information.

10:30 – 11:45     Focus on Learning Space

Tell us more about studying, learning in groups, working on research projects, services you use, technologies you want… help us design spaces for all kinds of learners.

As well, feel free to send your ideas any time. Contact us at https://www.queensu.ca/connect/lamp/contact-us/.

2013-01-10 Staff focus groups

Staff in the libraries and archives have been participating in stakeholder consultations in a variety of ways, including a January 10th focus group session facilitated by Erik Lockhart of Queen’s Executive Decision Centre. The results will be collated with other inputs to shape the key elements of the plan. The 46 participants were asked four questions:

  1. What types and configurations of spaces would you like to see incorporated into the master plan?
  2. What improvements (modifications, tweaks etc.) would you like to existing library and archives spaces?  (Consider: (e.g. programming, security, access, egress, food services, lighting etc.).
  3. In what ways do you see technology incorporated into the master plan?
  4. Guiding principles and priorities. Imagine you are writing the executive summary of the plan and you need include a few key guiding principles that must be maintained in all the suggestions, strategies and recommendations contained within the plan.

See the report for their answers:  Library and Archives Master Plan: Queen’s University Library and Archives Staff Focus Group Highlights, January 10, 2013