At Queen’s SPS, we are constantly adapting to the changing world of public policy.  At a time when making and executing public policy engages all sectors of society in new and faster ways, we aspire to create learning experiences and results for our students.

In adapting our curriculum for the Master of Public Administration, we will integrate innovative learning with the depth, strength and proven performance of our faculty in delivering one of Canada’s premier programs in public administration.

A rich tradition of service to the nation through strength in public policy.

Queen’s School of Policy Studies graduates have made a significant contribution to the public life, working in all sectors – public, private and voluntary – and around the world.

We offer a professional Master of Public Administration to students from diverse academic backgrounds who are interested in solving complex policy challenges facing governments, institutions and organizations, in Canada and globally.  Our program incorporates practical application of skills as a major component of the learning experience.

Our program places policy in a broader social, economic, legal, political and institutional context.

Our students’ diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens their learning experience.

Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields, with strong connections to the public sector, the private sector and the community

Our Mission:

Through high quality interactive teaching and integrated learning, we enhance leadership in public policy by providing students the inspiration, skills, competencies and connections to become better contributors to the public good.