Video message to the Queen’s community

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I recorded this video this morning to speak to students, faculty and staff during this difficult time for the Queen’s community.


The entire campus community is reeling from the latest tragedy to afflict Queen’s in the course of a very difficult year. The loss of any member of our community is tragic and affects us all—students, faculty and staff. My message for students is look out for others, but also look out for yourself.

Mental health is a big issue on Canada’s campuses. One in four young Canadians of university or college age will experience stress, anxiety, depression or other symptoms. These are topics we must talk about on our campuses, and at Queen’s we’ve had a working group on mental health since 2007. Mental health as an issue has my full attention and that of my colleagues and our faculty and staff at Queen’s.

There are many resources available to you at the university, from the Alma Mater Society, or in the Kingston community at large. In extreme, some people might entertain thoughts of suicide. Life has its ups and downs; your parents have experienced them, your friends, your teachers, your professors—I have.

But there’s no shame in reaching out. Don’t cut off the future. Don’t give up.

If you need help, reach out and ask for it. Finally, we’re at exam time, a particularly stressful time of year. Don’t hesitate to get help if you are feeling anxious about things. Now is a time for the Queen’s community to come together and support one another. Please, once again, take care of your friends, and take care of yourself.

You can access support at:

Health, Counselling and Disability Services

AMS Peer Support Centre
613-533-6000 ext. 75111

Office of the Chaplain

Telephone Aid Line Kingston

Frontenac Community Mental Health Services

Kids Help Phone

Print this 1-page resource on student mental health support services at Queen’s (PDF 103 KB)

A final note to students:
If you need academic accommodation, please talk to your instructors. They have been provided with information to support you.

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