You are not alone

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The following email was sent to all students from Principal Daniel Woolf on Monday, January 26, 2018

This time of year, when term is underway, daylight is short, and the weather is mostly cold and grey, can sometimes feel dreary following the holiday break.  As we face the intensity of the term, it’s not uncommon for students to feel the pressure of day-to-day life increasing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or depressed, or even just slightly unhappy, but can’t put your finger on why, please know that this is not unusual, and is experienced by many of us at this time of year. But there are plenty of people who understand, and plenty more who feel the same way as you do even if you are not aware of them.

I understand from a couple of recent conversations with students that some of the mental health-related support services that Queen’s provides may not be as well known as they should be.

I’d like to take this opportunity  to remind you of some resources available to you, both on Queen’s campus and in the wider community.  I have included links, in a list below this email, that you can follow if you need help or guidance.  In addition to our counsellors at Student Wellness Services in the Lasalle building on Stuart St., I draw your attention to the ‘embedded’ counsellors located at various points around main campus and at west campus.

Please remember to access these supports if you are in need of help or just a friendly listening ear, and don’t feel alone, because you are not.

You can access a range of campus-based supports including:

 Student Wellness Services: 

    • Appointments with physicians, nurses including a mental health nurse, as well as psychiatrists (by referral) and drop-in service from an Occupational Therapist for matching to the appropriate program/service, all at Student Health Services in the Lasalle Building

There are many after hours and community-based supports available to you, including:

More community services and supports here and here

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