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Frequently Asked Questions

Look for answers to your COVID-19 questions on this website, and in the frequently asked questions section below. This FAQ will continue to grow as we receive inquiries. Should you have a question that is not addressed on this website or below, email

Health and General Concerns

What do I do if I or a friend have symptoms associated with COVID-19?

Visit the KFL&A Public Health website for information and instruction, or call TeleHealth Ontario:

KFL&A Public Health
TeleHealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000

Visit our Symptoms & Response page for more information.

What is the Queen’s response if there are confirmed cases on campus?
The school's response will be largely dictated by public health authorities. Find links to public health information via our Public Health page.
An employee reports to their manager that they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, have been tested, and are awaiting results of the test, who do I inform?

The employee is to complete the COVID-19 Quarantine or Self-Isolation Form and submit it to Return To Work Services. The manager is to confirm the details directly from the employee. If the employee has the symptoms as described on the Symptoms and Response page and has been tested. The Manager is to submit details of the situation to the Queen's COVID-19 Task Force ( with the subject line "Employee with Possible COVID-19". The task force will advise on the appropriate action.

Travel and Visitors

Where can I find information related to travel to or from Queen's University, or information on visitors to the university?
For the university's most up-to-date information on travel, including travel advisories, suspensions, cancellations, and more, visit the Travel page.

Human Resources

I am a staff member. Where can I find information on sick leave, working from home, back-to-work guidelines, and more?
General information can be found on the Faculty & Staff page. For a full list of FAQs for Queen's staff, visit the Human Resources website.

Student Resources

I am a student. Where can I find information on class and exam scheduling, residences and hospitality, academic accommodations, and more?
For information on any announced changes to classes or examination schedules, changes to campus services like residences or hospitality/dining, and information and links for academic accommodations, visit the Students page.
I am a student. Where can I find information on how the COVID-19 response could or is impacting specific faculties and programs?
Students with inquiries about how coronavirus COVID-19 could or is impacting specific programs are urged to consult their faculty. As links to faculty COVID-19 information pages become available, they will appear on the Students page.
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