Dear Queen’s Students,

Although the weather is becoming more pleasant and planning is underway for a largely in-person university experience in September, we must conduct ourselves right now in a manner that recognizes the current pandemic situation is very serious indeed. Vaccines are being distributed but are not yet widely available. Infections are at an all-time high and the virus is spreading quickly through our student population.

I have spoken with our local hospital administration and am told that our health care facilities are in a critical situation with very little remaining capacity to assist patients. We must do everything we can to keep ourselves and others safe, and by that means alleviate the strain on our hospitals. I am asking you, as members of our community, to please follow all public health advisories and to take this situation extremely seriously.

Stay home, do not travel unless it is essential, and do not gather with others beyond your household. It is imperative that we listen to what our health professionals are telling us and that we follow their directions explicitly.

Patrick Deane
Principal and Vice-Chancellor