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Banners/Pole Pennants on University Avenue

Pole Pennant

Applications to use lampposts lining University Avenue for displaying banners is managed by the City of Kingston. The City does not permit banners on the lampposts along Union Street (this is under review).


  • It is still to be determined if Queen's has any role in approving banners/pole pennant applications for University Avenue.

  • Maximum display time is 3 weeks.

  • Queen's personnel can engage Queen's Creative Services unit in banner design and production.

  • Content guidelines apply, as described above for temporary public displays.

  • It is recommended that you allow a minimum of 2 months for design and production.

  • Please contact Marketing and Communications at 613-533-2035 for further details.

Banner specs

  • There are a total of 24 posts, 12 on each side of the street.

  • The banner arm is 26" wide, with a standard 1" pipe (1.32"diameter).

  • Recommended size banner for this arm is 24" wide X 48" long but the banner can be as long as 52".

  • The banner has to have a grommet in the bottom inside corner (along the pole) in order to tie it off to the eyebolt.

  • A rope is needed to tie off the bottom of the pennant (available from the manufacturer of the pennants).

  • Sew a hem in the bottom of the banner to allow insertion of a rigid bar to reduce flapping in wind. Alternatively, banners can be cut with a curve on the bottom outside edge, but this greatly reduces the display area.


Estimate for banner production (2009)

Queen's Marketing and Communications

  • Vinyl. Full colour. Printed both sides. 52" high. $120 each.
  • Estimate is subject to change.

Rates for application, installation and removal (2009)

City of Kingston:

  • $98 application fee. $465 installation and removal.
  • All fees are to be paid 7 days prior to installation.
  • Banners must be delivered to and picked up from Utilities Kingston, 211 Counter St (at the garage behind main building). They must be picked-up 2 days following their removal.
  • Rates are subject to change.

Requests for banner installation are made directly to City of Kingston.
Contact Bill Cartwright in the Engineering Department at 613-546-4291 x3113.