Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity

Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity
Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity

Edited collections

Banting, Keith, Thomas Courchene and Leslie Seidle (eds.) (2007) Belonging? Diversity, Recognition and Shared Citizenship in Canada (IRPP) (McGill-Queen's University Press)

Banting, Keith and Will Kymlicka (eds.) (forthcoming, 2017) The Political Sources of Solidarity in Diverse Societies (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Banting, Keith and Will Kymlicka (eds.) (2006) Multiculturalism and the Welfare State: Recognition and Redistribution in Contemporary Democracies (Oxford University Press)

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Elman, Miriam Fendius, Oded Haklai and Hendrik Spruyt (eds) (2013) Democracy and Conflict Resolution: The Dilemmas of Israel's Peacemaking (Syracuse University Press)

Haklai, Oded and Neophytos Loizides (eds.) (2015) Settlers in Contested Lands: Territorial Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts (Stanford University Press)

Kymlicka, Will and Eva Pfostl (eds.) (2014) Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in the Arab World (Oxford University Press)

 Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Basta, Karlo, John McGarry and Richard Simeon (eds.) (2015) Territorial Pluralism: Managing Difference in Multinational States (UBC Press)

Berman, Bruce, André Laliberté and Stephen Larin (eds.) (2016) The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims (UBC Press)

Berman, Bruce, Rajeev Bhargava and André Laliberté (eds.) (2013) Secular States and Religious Diversity (UBC Press)

Bertrand, Jacques and Andre Laliberte (eds.) (2010)  Multi-Nation States in Asia: Accommodation or Resistance (Cambridge University Press)

Bertrand, Jacques and Oded Haklai (eds.) (2014) Democratization and Ethnic Minorities: Conflict or Compromise? (Routledge)

Choudhry, Sujit (ed.) (2008)  Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation? (Oxford University Press)

Eisenberg, Avigail and Will Kymlicka (eds.) (2011)  Identity Politics in the Public Realm: Bringing Institutions Back In (UBC Press)

Eisenberg, Avigail, Jeremy Webber, Glen Cloutard, and Andrée Boiselle (eds.) (2014) Recognition and Self-Determination: Dilemmas of Emancipatory Politics (UBC Press) 

Gagnon, Alain and Michael Keating (eds.) (2012)  Political Autonomy and Divided Societies: Imagining Democratic Alternatives in Complex Settings (Palgrave Macmillan)

Good, Kristin, Luc Turgeon and Phil Triadafilopoulos (eds.) (2014) Segmented Cities? How Urban Contexts Shape Ethnic and Nationalist Politics (UBC Press)

Panossian, Razmik, Bruce Berman and Anne Linscott (eds.) (2007) Governing Diversity - Democratic Solutions in Multicultural Societies/ Gouvernance et diversité - Des solutions démocratiques pour des sociétés multiculturelles (Montreal: Rights & Democracy)

Building Democracy in Ukraine

Martynenko, Oleg, Yuri Belousov and George Perlin (eds.) (2010)  Racial Profiling, Lviv: Astrolabia. 

Martynenko, Oleg, George Perlin and Yuri Belousov (eds.) (2010)  Combating Hate Crimes , Lviv, Astrolabia.

Tyaglo, Olksandr and George Perlin (eds.) (2010)  Democratic Policing, Lviv: Astrolabia.

Commissioned Reports

Perlin, George (2008) Literature Review of Applied Research on Democratic Development  (Commissioned by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on behalf of IDRC, the Canadian International Development Agency,and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)