Centre for Studies in Primary Care

Centre for Studies in Primary Care

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Centre for Studies in Primary Care


Who We Are

The Centre for Studies in Primary Care (CSPC) is the research arm of the Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University. The CSPC conducts research activities in areas relevant to:

  • The practice of primary healthcare
  • Chronic disease surveillance and management
  • Population health and health promotion
  • Family medicine education
  • Assessment of clinical evidence for practice

Additionally, many of the Centre's research activities respond to community needs such as the development of projects that support healthy aging in the home, and improving primary care for those living with intellectual developmental disabilities.

Research & Community

The research activities of the CSPC respond to community needs and funding opportunities. To conduct research in the primary care setting, a "laboratory" of practices in the community is needed. To address this, the CSPC has established an Eastern Ontario Network (EON), a practice-based research network (PBRN). EON consists of a core group of community-based practitioners who are interested in the development of research ideas in primary care, and a larger group of practicing physicians who participate by enrolling patients from their practices into research studies.


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