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Glenn Brown



Dr. Glenn Brown is the Head of the Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University, a family physician, and an Associate Professor. His expertise includes medical education, medical leadership, population and public health, and occupational medicine. He has been a member of the faculty of Queen's University for 25 years as well as provided comprehensive family medicine services including anesthesia and serving as the Director of Emergency Services in a smaller community.

He has assumed a number of medical leadership roles, including work as a Chief of Staff and Councils to coordinate and integrate primary health care services. Upon completing a Master of Public Health at Tulane University, he has increased involvement in health policy and education at the interface between primary care, community medicine and public health. Dr. Brown is chair of the Research and Education Committee of the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

Contact Glenn Brown (tel) 613.533.6000 ext 73959 (email) glenn.brown@dfm.queensu.ca

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