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Michael Green


Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Green,MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP

Contact Michael Green:
613.533.6000 ext 73981

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Educating for Equity (E4E): Exploring How Health Professional Education Can Reduce Disparities in Chronic Disease Care and Improve Outcomes for Aboriginal Populations

Educating for Equity (E4E) is an international collaborative research project aimed at developing Indigenous health professional education capacity as a vehicle for improving care and health outcomes. The Canadian team, composed of researchers from Queen's University, the University of Calgary, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and the University of British Columbia, is focused on improving diabetes care in aboriginal populations through a research- and evidence- informed aboriginal health continuing medical education intervention for family physicians. In Phase 1, focus groups and interviews were conducted with aboriginal patients and health-care providers to understand needs and gaps in health services. This knowledge was used to generate a care framework that was translated into an E4E CME program. In Phase 2, the E4E CME program will be delivered to family physicians in Ontario who provide health care to aboriginal patients with type 2 diabetes and its impact on aboriginal patients' outcomes and health-care experience will be evaluated using a mixed method multi-measure, controlled design.

The E4E CME, titled with "Addressing Social Drivers of Aboriginal Type 2 Diabetes," is accredited with MainPro-C (8.0). It consists of a one-day workshop with pre-workshop needs assessment and post-workshop reflective components. Family physician participants will learn (a) key social factors that affect aboriginal diabetes outcomes, (b) culturally attuned approaches to building therapeutic relationships with aboriginal diabetic patients, (c) methods to address discord in the doctor-patient relationship, and (d) culturally informed ways to support Aboriginal Peoples in health care and society.

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