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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research


The Queen's University Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group is an initiative of Queen's Department of Family Medicine and the Centre for Studies in Primary Care. The group consists of faculty members and researchers  who are committed to advancing research and education in intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and to delivering quality health care to IDD patients and their families.

To date, Queen's Department of Family Medicine continues to work toward implementing the Primary Care Guidelines, which will result in faculty and resident providing annual health checks to their IDD patients. One of the group's next steps includes addressing identified IDD health care gaps, such as the lack of support available to patients who are suspected of having a mild IDD but who have not had the suspected IDD either identified or diagnosed.


Queen's IDD Research Portfolio Leads


Meg Gemmill, MD, CCFP

Director of Developmental Disabilities

​Dr. Meg Gemmill is a family physician and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Queen’s University. She joined the Department in April 2014 as the Director of Developmental Disabilities. Dr. Gemmill’s clinical work, research and teaching interests focus on the application and dissemination of evidence-based primary care for adults with developmental disabilities. Her current research project involves the identification and diagnosis of patients with mild intellectual disabilities.



Ian Casson, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. Casson has a Master's degree in Community Health and Epidemiology. He is involved in research in the care of adults with developmental disabilities and in the assessment of curriculum in developmental disabilities for Family Medicine residents.




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