Emma McCallum

Emma McCallumEducation and Learning Coordinator

Contact Information

Email: e.mccallum@queensu.ca


In her joint-position as an Education and Learning Coordinator for the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and Human Rights and Equity Office (HREO) Emma works to support Indigenization-Equity Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Anti-racism (I-EDIAA) principles in education across the university.

At the CTL, Emma’s role involves working collaboratively across the CTL and HREO to:

  • Coordinate, support, and monitor human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism education initiatives.
  • Develop and facilitate training and learning opportunities on I-EDIAA in alignment with research, social justice pedagogy, and best practices.  
  • Consult across Queen’s University and the broader community to identify gaps, develop relationships, advise, and formulate action plans to meet university-wide strategic goals around I-EDIAA.  

Emma’s experience as an educator, Gender and Sexuality education consultant, and community services professional greatly informs her contributions to the HREO and Queen’s community. Emma holds a BA in Gender Studies and Indigenous Studies and BEd from Queen’s University. Emma is completing an MA at UofT (OISE) in Social Justice Education.