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Congratulations to Richard Ascough!

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), in partnership with D2L, are proud to present five outstanding post-secondary educators with the 2017 D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning. Selected from applicants around the world, the award recognizes educators that are redefining the learning experience through innovative practices.

“By reimagining the classroom experience, the STLHE award winners have built programs that put the evolving learning styles of their students at the centre of the learning experience,” said STLHE President Robert Lapp. “As a result, their students are able to approach traditional subjects and solve complex problems in fresh and invigorating ways. We are proud to once again partner with D2L to recognize the achievements of these innovative leaders in post-secondary education.”

This year’s winners are at the forefront of innovation both within their academic institutions and higher education more broadly:

Richard Ascough, Queen’s University:
Dr. Ascough’s approach not only engages diverse learning styles among students, but also encourages students to make their own discoveries about course materials. Students are guided by specific prompts that leave space for the collaborative exploration of ancient texts,
archaeological data, secondary sources and theoretical frameworks. Students have praised Dr. Ascough’s approach for enhancing the learning experience by allowing them to engage directly with real historical problems that face scholars of antiquity. Outside the classroom, Dr. Ascough’s
contributions to the university include an impressive array of articles and presentations on pedagogy, with his work on learning outcomes cited as one of the moreimpressive analyses  on teaching and learning at Queen’s.

To learn more about all the winners and this award, please visit the STLHE website.