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Iridescent Story Pieces

Friday, October 14, 2016, 1:00 – 6:00pm, Grant Hall and
Saturday, October 15, 2016, 8:30am – 12:00pm, Grant Hall

Iridescent Story Pieces is an installation and performance piece created by a 2001 BFA graduate, Aleks Bartosik.  Bartosik, a Toronto based artist, created this piece in 2015 to express her interpretation of colour theory drawn from her inspiration of the Northern Lights that she witnessed in Dawson City, Yukon for her art performance.  This piece is meant to be in constant change, flux, and is intended to include the audience’s participation as she collaborates with other artists from all disciplines to present her ideas.  Let the colours tell you a story is the message.

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What are the characteristics of your favourite course/class, teacher/student, or teaching/learning experience?

Iridescent Story Pieces - Aleks Bartosik - Creative Expressions of Teaching & Learning

Knowledge shared at Iridescent Story Pieces (17 KB, Word)

This year she takes Iridescent Story Pieces installation to Queen’s month-long exhibit titled Creative Expressions of Teaching and Learning.  As a Professor herself at Humber College, Bartosik understands the importance of creativity to enhance her teaching curriculum as she daily introduces new learning material to her students.  Teaching is a form of sharing and it is important to present it in a creative way to encourage each student to want to learn, participate, and in turn, also share their own knowledge and feedback with others.  Inspired by her former Queen’s Professors, Prof. S. Aziz, Prof. C. Neubauer and Prof. J. Winton, just to name a few, Bartosik teaches in a way that places her students at the same level as herself, regarding her students as equals to her.  She strongly believes that in order to have successful teaching outcomes, the student must be presented with information that is accessible; providing challenges that the student wants to take on because they have been ‘taught’ to strive and be the best at what they do.  Part of these challenges is coordinating projects that includes each students’ strengths presented in a collaborative way.  Collaboration is a very important aspect of teaching and learning, and Iridescent Story Pieces mirrors this idea for Bartosik.  The installation will include former alumni of all disciplines to collaborate as they share their own experiences and stories through words that they will literally write on parts of the installation, or have re-created for projection on the piece.  This installation will reflect on the process and product of learning in a creative and beautiful way, allowing the installation’s colours to share the alumni’s memories to its audience.

Photo of Aleks Bartosik taken by Crystal LeeAleks Bartosik is a Toronto based artist.  Working collaboratively has always been part of her practise as she often takes part or facilitates multidisciplinary collaborative projects.  She has worked with musicians, dancers, spoken word poets, and other artists of different disciplines.  Bartosik often takes her performances and art installations out of the gallery context to directly involve the every-day life activities and people strongly believing that art should be accessible to everyone.

Her main mediums are painting and drawing, however, Bartosik’s practice also expands to performance, installation, video and film animation. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in Whitehorse, Yukon. Presently, Bartosik is a painting and drawing Professor at Humber College in Toronto and an art instructor at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) and Living Arts Centre (Mississauga).


Photo Credit: Crystal Lee