Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Cognitive Assessment Redesign (CAR)

Network for the development of higher order thinking


⇒ Is developing critical thinking, creative thinking or problem solving one of the goals for your course?

⇒ Would financial resources and a support network help you achieve this goal?

⇒ Would you like to know more about student learning in your class?

⇒ Do you want an opportunity to be part of assessment research?


Instructors teaching first and fourth year courses in fall 2017 or winter 2018 are invited to submit a expression of interest to redesign course assessments to enhance the development of critical thinking, creative thinking or problem solving. Successful applicants will receive support from assessment specialists, be part of a peer network and receive a $2,000 grant to refine or create high quality assessments to promote and assess cognitive skills. There will be five grants for first-year courses and up to twenty grants for fourth-year courses. Successful applicants will act as researchers and co-investigators in the redesign process while also having the opportunity to participate in future publications and presentations. This initiative is supported by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario and continues work from a previous HEQCO-funded research project to assess learning outcomes.

For more information please visit the Learning Outcomes Project Website.