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Educational Research Grants

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is pleased to offer grants for educational research projects. The purpose of these grants is to encourage and support rigorous, systematic, evidence-based studies of teaching and learning and to facilitate the dissemination of results of that work to benefit others. 

Please note that this is not intended to support the purchase of equipment or to fund teaching enhancements to courses. Rather, it is to support efforts to provide evidence that will inform teaching and learning within courses and across programs. Please see the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Grant for funding related to course enhancements.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to consult with an Educational Developer and Research Librarian through the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Please review the Adjudication Checklist (PDF, 15KB)

Funding Availability

There are two types of educational research grants:

  • Two (2) research grants for up to $1,000 available to graduate students interested in educational research projects. The funding is for projects apart from graduate thesis work in a program of study.
  • Two (2) research grants available to all other Queen’s educators for up to $5,000 based on selection criteria and budget requirements.

Funding periods are for one year and new applicants are given priority over those who have previously received funds from this grant program.

Submission Process

Each submission will be scored by a group of reviewers against the Adjudication Checklist (PDF, 112KB). The review team will include undergraduates, graduate students, educational developers, and faculty. The checklist outlines the basic information needed to help reviewers understand and assess your project.

Teams and individuals applying for this grant should submit a single pdf document of NO MORE THAN 5 PAGES (excluding references) to ctl@queensu.ca. Please include the following materials in your proposal:

  1. Cover page with the title of the project, contact information of applicant(s) and funding level requested
  2. Abstract - A summary of your project in 100 words or less (for posting on the website for successful applications)
  3. Project Description - In no more than five, single-spaced pages (excluding references), address the Adjudication Checklist (PDF, 112KB):
    • State your research questions explicitly and describe the project rationale including its innovation and/or novelty   
    • Provide context for your project using scholarly literature
    • Outline the research approach and methods
    • Describe how you will measure the success of your project
    • Discuss how this project will be extended beyond the one-year funding
    • Describe how results will be disseminated internally and externally
    • Indicate the potential for application by other courses/educators at Queen’s
    • Include a realistic timeline for the project
    • Include a detailed and justifiable budget. Up to $1,000 may be awarded in travel funds.

Requirements for Recipients

  • This research protocol must have IRB approval, if human subjects are involved
  • Applicants should complete their projects within one year from the date when funds are first received
  • A project summary report and final expense report must be submitted to the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the end of the grant-funding period for posting on the website
  • Participation in one or more educational research related activities at Queen’s, such as:
    • Leading interest groups in topics related to the research project.
    • Participating in events that mentor or support new researchers.
    • Presenting their projects (in progress or completed) in any format (poster, paper, panel, video) in the annual CTL Teaching Showcase event in May.
    • As appropriate to the discipline(s) and the project, submission of a representation of the work (e.g., article, video, website, portfolio, poster) to a teaching newsletter, website, conference, show/competition, journal, or book.

Deadline for Applications

Proposals must be submitted to the Centre for Teaching and Learning no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 26, 2018. Please submit all materials in a single PDF document of no more than five pages to ctl@queensu.ca. Grant recipients will be announced by mid-August.

For further information

If you have questions about the award, the selection process, or would like help with writing your grant, please contact Cory Laverty, Ph.D., Educational Developer at ext. 77185 or by email at lavertyc@queensu.ca. Grants are adjudicated by a small group of students/faculty/CTL staff representing diverse disciplines.