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Centre for Teaching and Learning

OUSA's 2018 Teaching Excellence Award Recipients

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Teaching Excellence Award recognizes educators who excel at unlocking the potential of Ontario’s young people. Successfully engaging individuals in the learning experience depends on an instructor's ability to spark students' curiosity and desire to learn. It is our pleasure to give these remarkable professionals the recognition they deserve.
A good textbook and a high-tech classroom are not enough to provide a quality education. An excellent instructor will be able to engage their students in the process of learning and discovery and help them develop the critical skills that form the foundation of a robust education. With this in mind, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance annually presents its teaching awards to professors from each of our member campuses who have taken this role to heart, and who have been selected by their students as examples of teaching excellence. 
On our member campuses this year, we also asked students to nominate faculty who have embraced and advocated for the use of open educational resources(OERs). OERs have been a priority of OUSA this year, and we thank eCampus Ontario who is present tonight for continuing to work hard on this file.
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 OUSA Teaching Excellence Awards!

Dr. David McDonald - Queen's University

Dr. David McDonald is a professor in the Department of Global Development Studies. His research interests revolve around debates over public versus private service delivery, encompassing a broad spectrum of related questions on urbanization, environmental justice, and uneven development. Nominated by several of his students for the AMS Teaching Awards, each indicates the unique ways in which Dr. McDonald has contributed to their undergraduate career. What has been highlighted is how he promotes an agile learning environment that opens students to new ways of thinking, whilst encouraging engagement with important global issues. Perhaps most importantly, is how he challenges the way his students view the world, indicating their active roles in its composition, causing individual self-actualization. As such, Dr. McDonald has played a key role in the outstanding undergraduate student learning experience characterized at Queen’s University.

To see the rest of the winners information, please visit the OUSA website.