Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Showcase of Teaching and Learning at Queen's

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

MacDonald Hall, Room 001


The Centre for Teaching and Learning is planning a Showcase of Teaching and Learning. This one-day event held on Wednesday, May 2 will provide the opportunity for instructors to present their innovative teaching strategies to enhance teaching and learning at Queen’s. It will be a great opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the University and to find out about the teaching and learning initiatives and innovations that are taking place throughout the institution.

Presentations will be 15 minutes in length (with time for questions).

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8:30-8:45am    Sue Fostaty Young, Interim Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning  
8:45-9:00am A.1 Assessing the Impact of a Flipped Classroom Approach in an Undergraduate Experiential Learning Course for Fostering Competency-based Learning Outcomes | Jennifer Tomasone, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

PDF Presentation (PDF, 1.08 MB)

9:00-9:15am A.2 Design-Thinking and Field Geology: Course Incomes and Course Outcomes | Rob Harrap and Lindsay Waffle, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

PDF Presentation (PDF, 6.93 MB)

9:15-9:30am A.3 Assessing Creative Thinking in Performance-based Artistic Research in a Liberal Arts Context | Jenn Stephenson and Grahame Renyk, Dan School of Drama and Music

PDF Presentation (PDF, 602 KB)

9:30-9:45am A.4 Feasibility and Learning Outcomes Associated with Preparing Nursing Students for Clinical Simulation Using Virtual Gaming Simulations | Evan Keys, School of Nursing  
9:45-10:00am A.5 Adjusting Assessment for Engagement and Professional and Cultural Appropriateness | Lindsay Morcom, Faculty of Education

PDF Presentation (PDF, 1.23 MB)

10:00-10:15am A.6 Cognitive Assessment Redesign Project | Wanda Beyer, Arts and Science Online; Meghan Norris and Cheryl Hamilton, Department of Psychology

PDF Presentation (PDF, 1.02 MB)

10:15-10:30am   BREAK | Refreshments Provided  
10:30-10:45am B.1 Learning from Each Other: Exploring New Models in Student-Faculty Dialogue | Shannon Smith, Anna Taylor, Isabelle Brent, Bader International Study Centre

PDF Presentation (PDF, 497 KB)

10:45-11:00am B.2 Transnational Peer Collaboration: Objectives, Successes, Challenges | Jennifer Hosek, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures http://www.linguaelive.ca/whatis.html
11:00-11:15am B.3 Training, Mentoring, and Supervising Undergraduate TAs - The Case of FREN 499 | Michael Reyes, French Studies

PDF Presentation (PDF, 122 KB)

11:15-11:30am B.4 The Utility of the Aropa Peer Review System in First and Second Year Online Science Courses | Cynthia Pruss, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

PDF Presentation (PDF, 652 KB)

11:30-11:45am B.5 Qlicker: An Open Source In-Class Response System for and by Students | Ryan Martin, Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

PDF Presentation (PDF, 591 KB)

11:45-12:00pm B.6 Negotiating a Collective Agreement in an Online Environment | Tricia Baldwin, Dan School of Drama and Music; and Christina Dinsmore, Arts and Science Online

PDF Presentation (PDF, 2.92 MB)

12:00-1:00pm   LUNCH | Provided  
1:00-1:15pm C.1 On-Line Tutorials - Getting to Know your Distance Students | Mary Jo Maur, Faculty of Law

PDF Presentation (PDF, 951 KB)

1:15-1:30pm C.2 A Pedagogy for the Vanquished of History | Asha Varadharajan, Department of English  
1:30-1:45pm C.3 Incorporating Special Topics Using an Active Learning Approach | Sandy Youmans, Faculty of Education

PDF Presentation (PDF, 603 KB)

1:45-2:00pm C.4 Lessons Learned About Developing Online Learning Modules | Barb Vanderbeld, Department of Biology

PDF Presentation (PDF, 919 KB)

2:00-2:15pm C.5 Interactive Course Notes (RISE) and OnQ Awards/Intro Videos Gamification Strategy | Philippe Gauthier, Department of Film and Media; and Anna Sabramowicz, Arts and Science Online

PDF Presentation (PDF, 4.80 MB)

2:15-2:30pm C.6 Tell Me About Yourself: Using ePortfolios as a Tool to Integrate Learning and Position Students for Life after University | Bren Melles, Public Health Sciences

PDF Presentation (PDF, 3.69 MB)

2:30-2:45pm   BREAK | Refreshments Provided  
2:45-3:00pm D.1 Language Sounds | Greg Lessard, School of Computing; and Nathan Brinklow, Languages, Literatures and Cultures  
3:00-3:15pm D.2 Inclusive Pedagogy: The Syllabus, Assessment and Student Feedback | Erin Clow, Gender Studies/School of Rehabilitation/Human Rights Office

PDF Presentation (PDF, 251 KB)

3:15-3:30pm D.3 International Fieldwork Courses: Lessons from the Field | Ajay Agarwal, Department of Geography and Planning

PDF Presentation (PDF, 933 KB)

3:30-3:45pm D.4 The Use of Imbedded Novel Studies to Engage Students in Equity, Justice, Racism and Colonialism Issues in Health and Science
Classrooms | Colleen Davison, Public Health Sciences; and Elaine Power, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
3:45-4:00pm D.5 Indigenocracy | Thohahoken Michael Doxtater, Queen's National Scholar, Languages, Literatures and Cultures; and Global and Development Studies

PDF Presentation (PDF, 8.36 MB)

4:00-4:15pm D.6 When the instructor comes from abroad: some thoughts on changing perspectives | Elena Cecchetto, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

PDF Presentation (PDF, 324 KB)

4:15-4:30pm   WRAP-UP  

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