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Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Indigenous Ways of Knowing Webinar Series

Moving from Patchwork Pandemic Pedagogy to Pedagogy of Peace

This Series is not currently offered.

Facilitated by Lindsay Brant, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Lindsay Brant, Educational Developer, Indigenous Curriculum and Ways of Knowing, along with colleagues in the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Queen’s University will lead us through a webinar and Q&A style session that focuses on shifting our mindset from pandemic pedagogy (remote delivery during Covid-19) to a more purposeful pedagogy of peace that builds upon the three core teachings of the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace, which are peace, strength, and a good mind. This is for educators who are looking for ways to take a learner-centred approach to teaching and learning, through using compassionate educational frameworks and techniques to lead all learners through their learning journey with integrity, optimism, loving kindness, and support. 

We will be using TEAMS to conduct this webinar.  Here is a link to help you login and use it.


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View the recorded presentation from the April 7th Webinar


Grounding Rules and Guiding Principles (PDF, 316 KB)