Assess Learning

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Assignments/Written Work

Best Practices

  • Maximize the use of onQ, then other Queen's supported tools before considering other technology.
  • Assessments should, above all, be designed with intended learning outcomes in mind, and should be linked with clear guidance and communication to students about learning and expectations. For more best practices on assessment, visit the Transforming Teaching Assessment Guide.


Tool Description
onQ Discussions

Assess participation using onQ Discussions by asking students to post and reply to peers postings.

This could include:

  • Introducing themselves to the class.
  • Responding to a weekly question.
  • Participating in a class, tutorial, or group discussion.
onQ Chat Host a discussion in the onQ text-based Chat tool (synchronous).
Zoom In a live Zoom session (synchronous) participation can be assessed by asking students to contribute a question to the Chat tool.
Qlicker In an on-campus synchronous session, Qlicker will record student participation, and can be assigned a grade.


Tool Description
onQ Assignment

Students can submit work to an Individual Assignment folder or a Group Assignment folder.

Submissions to Assignments include:

  • Written Assignments
  • Lab Reports/Data Analysis
  • Presentations/Performances
    ​​​​Video recorded presentations or performance can be uploaded graded.
    On-campus performances (no submission required) can be graded through Assignments.
  • Creative Work
    Audio visual presentations can be uploaded.
O365 OneDrive A shared OneDrive folder can be used for students to submit assessments that are too large to be uploaded to onQ for example PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc.


Tool Description
onQ Discussions Create an Individual Discussion Forum or Group Discussion Forum  (only available to group members).
A grade and/or rubric can be applied.


Tool Description
onQ Quizzes

Create a quiz or exam using onQ Quizzes with randomized question pools and a time limit.

Options include:

  • Quiz
    A quiz or test
  • Open Book Quiz
    A quiz or test that students have a large time frame in which to completed, but once they start must complete in the time limit
  • Exams (Midterm, End-of-Term, Final Exam)
    An exam with a strict start, end date, and an enforced time limit. See: Setting Quiz Restrictions.
OnQ Assignments Create a Final Project or a Take-Home Assignment that students can submit.
Qlicker Have students submit quiz questions to build and demonstrate understanding of the material. Create a Qlicker Quiz to assess learning.


Tool Description
onQ Grades Instructors can set up a weighted or points based grade book to calculate grades for assessments in onQ.
Grades can be entered directly in to the grade book, or imported, or sent automatically from an assessment tool (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes).
Instructors control when grades are released to students.
onQ Assignments Provide annotations, written, or audio/video feedback on student assignments.
onQ Group Assignments If Groups are created in onQ with an attached Assignment folder a group grade and feedback can be assigned.
onQ Rubrics Use Rubrics to help grade assignments quickly.
Turnitin GradeMark Grademark is the grading tool available through Turnitin.  It allows you to grade and annotate the student submission directly in the Originality Report. Once complete the grade and feedback will transfer directly into the onQ.
CrowdMark Crowdmark is an online collaborative grading tool that assists instructors, working alone or in teams, to more effectively evaluate student work.