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Best Practices

  • Maximize the use of onQ, then other Queen's supported tools before considering other technology.
  • Be Consistent in the course structure. The content should be easy to navigate.
  • Set clear instructions for each week, topic, module.
  • Use consistent, recognizable file names.
  • Chunk the Content into shorter, bite-size pieces of information.
  • Check your course materials are accessible and use accessible fonts, colours, and alt text for images throughout.
  • View the course as a student to see it from their perspective.

Create Content

Tool Description

onQ Content

What can be added to Content?

Upload documents you have created using Office 365.
Add pre-recorded lectures to your course. See Record a Lecture.
Provide access to publisher created content from Pearson, Whiley, McGraw Hill.
Add links to external websites, videos, images, and other multimedia elements.
Link to external websites.
Create web pages (html) from within the Content tool.
Provide links to other onQ activities including Quizzes, Assignments, Discussions etc. within the same course.

O365 Office Using a variety of O365 tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint can be upload to onQ Content, or shared for collaboration.


Tools Description

Presentation Tools

SlideShare Use SlideShare to create content including presentations, infographics, documents, and videos.
Prezi Prezi is presentation software that uses motion, zoom.

Blogging, Websites, ePortfolios

WordPress Free website or blog builder. Customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes.
Wix Students can use to create online portfolios, websites, or blogs.
Weebly Free website or blog builder. with pre-built templates and easy-to-use tools.
Blogger Versatile, easy-to-use blogging tool.


Picktochart Create infographics, flyers, posters, presentations and reports easily with pre-built templates.
Canva Canva is a graphic tool to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content.

Mind Mapping

MindMeister MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that instructors and students can use to develop, create, and share ideas visually.
Lucidchart Lucidchart allows students to create and collaborate on designing flowcharts and diagrams.

*Tools Not Supported By Queen's

Curate Content

Add additional content from other Queen's sources to your course in onQ.

Tools Description
Ares eReserves   

Ares, our course reserve management system, allows instructors and students to have one single access point for all reading materials and to support copyright compliance.The eReserve collection is comprised of materials selected by instructors for short term use by students registered in courses at Queen's University.

Using eReserves, instructors can add, edit, and customize course readings and have them available directly for students to access through onQ.


Queen's Library provides online resources (e-journals, e-books, databases, etc.) to support the university's academic and research mission.

Consult the library’s website, subject guides and off-campus access instructions for more information.
Please contact the library using the Ask Us service or reach out to a subject librarian or archivist directly.

LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is on an online skills development service offering an extensive library of high-quality video courses in business, creative and technical skills. Queen's University has a campus-wide licence, offering staff and students unlimited access to thousands of  video courses.
The Image Bank The Image Bank is available to all Queen's faculty and staff for use on Queen's related instruction, research and projects. It contains images from across campus and across Faculties.

Ensemble Video

The Streaming Service

Use The Streaming Service to store your pre-recorded lectures. The integration with onQ allows you to access your existing video library, and upload and publish single videos or video playlists into a course without leaving onQ.

The Streaming Service can be used by faculties, departments, and instructors to:

Add an Ensemble Video to your course


Tool Description
eCampus Ontario Find, customize, or create open educational textbooks or other resources using Open Library from Open Educational Resources Ontario.
Creative Commons Creative Commons resources include literary works, videos, photos, audio, open education, scientific research that can be added to your course, or adapted .Or you can share your work.
TedTalks TED talks are held on various disciplines like science, education, history, environmental issues, productivity tips, business, technology, etc. and can be added  to a course.
Pixabay Free images and videos royalty free.
Scoop.It Create and share curated content pages.
Apple Podcast Apple Podcasts host  podcast  includes recorded broadcasts of a television or radio program, a lecture, a performance or other event. Upload podcasts to onQ Content using Add video or audio.
YouTube Add videos and music to your course, or upload lectures. Videos can be added easily to onQ Content using Add video or audio.

*Tools Not Supported By Queen's

Organize and Share Content

Tools Description
onQ Checklist Create a Checklist in onQ Content for students to track what they are required to complete in a week, or module.
onQ Discussions Create a Discussion Forum to allow students to share documents, web links, videos, etc. with each other.
O365 Teams Create a Team and share documents with students.
O365 OneDrive Use OneDrive to create collaborative documents, share files, and folders. Files can be embedded directly in onQ.
O365 OneNote Share a digital notebook to allow for collaboration between students.


Tool Description
Padlet Padlet is an online virtual bulletin board, where students and instructors can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures.
Diigo Diigo is a social bookmarking and annotation tool that allows instructors and students to highlight content and add comments to websites.
Pinterest Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as 'pinning' on Pinterest ) images or videos to their own or others' boards.

Instagram is a photo sharing application. Use Instagram in your course for:

  • Photo essays.
  • Digital story telling.
  • Scavenger hunt.

*Tools Not Supported By Queen's