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Record weekly check-in videos
Pre-record your lecture
Record your lecture live
Record your lecture in the classroom
Record a lecture podcast
Where to store your lecture recordings
More Tools to Consider*


Best Practices

  • If you are pre-recording the lecture for students to watch later, record in small chunks 5 -10 minutes long.
  • If you hold online synchronous lectures make sure you record them for students who are unable to attend due to technology limitations, sickness, etc. Post the recorded lectures to onQ.
  • Try to keep live lectures short - under one hour if possible.
  • Include slides (e.g. PowerPoint slides) or screen sharing in the pre-recorded or live lectures.
  • Narrate text and describe important images or graphs that are included on the slides to accommodate students with disabilities.
  • Ask students to mute their microphones. Students can use the Chat feature to ask questions.  Questions can be answered once the lecture has been completed.
  • Privacy and Remote Teaching and Learning (provided by University Secretariat and Legal Counsel) Fact Sheet and FAQs

Record weekly check-in videos

Tool Description
Ensemble Video Recorder Plug-in Use the Ensemble Google Chrome Plug-in to create short, quick  weekly videos to check-in with your students, let them know what's coming up, and address any questions. Videos can be uploaded directly to the Queen's Streaming Server, and embedded in onQ.
Watch: Create quick videos using Ensemble Video Recorder Google Plug-in.
Infographic: Ensemble - How to Upload and Caption Videos (PNG, 321KB).


Pre-record your lecture

Tool Description
O365 PowerPoint Pre-record lectures by creating a narrated or annotated PowerPoint presentation. Save as a video and upload to Content in your course. Setup automatic captioning PowerPoint.
Remote Teaching 101 - Voice-over PowerPoint Best Practices - developed by Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. You can download an infographic version of this as well: Remote Teaching 101 - Voice-Over PowerPoint Best Practices (PDF, 311KB)
Zoom Zoom can be used to pre-record your lecture.
Camtasia Record video lessons showing your screen, PowerPoint, webcam, or bring in footage from your camera or the web. Also can add animations, music, quizzes and captions.
Available for download from Queen's Software Centre.


Record your lecture live

Tool Description
O365 Teams & Stream Hold live lectures using O365 Teams maximum 300 students. Can also add live captions to any meeting.
Watch: Record a lecture in Teams using Stream. Edit and add captions to the video. Add the video to onQ.
Infographic: Microsoft Teams (PNG, 242KB).
Infographic: Microsoft Teams Additional Features (PNG, 274KB).

Record your live lecture using Zoom and upload the video to Content in your course for students who were unable to attend the class.

Infographic: Zoom 101 (PNG, 283KB).
Instructions: Tips for Zoom Breakout Rooms (Word, 586KB).


Record your lecture in the classroom

Tool Description
Queen's University
Lecture Capture Service

The lecture capture service at Queen's University is free for all faculty to use. It allows you to record a lecture for subsequent viewing online by students or the public at large.

  • Audio captured via the classroom microphone.
  • Records visual activity on the presentation screen, either from a laptop or podium PC, a document camera. Some DVD/Blu Ray playback might not record if the content is protected.
  • Instructors have the flexibility to select which lectures to make available, and can publish them in a variety of file formats or locations. It is easy to add a video to onQ.
  • Instructors can choose to restrict access to class members via onQ or allow general access to recordings via a publicly accessible URL.
  • The lecture capture system is designed for ease of use. You can use the system whenever you choose. Starting or stopping the system only requires a button-push.


Record a lecture podcast

Tool Description
Camtasia Record a lecture podcast using Camtasia.
Available for download from Queen's Software Centre.


Where to store your lecture recordings

Tool Description

Upload your lecture videos to YouTube by creating a YouTube channel. YouTube will also create closed captions to improve accessibility.     

To add your lecture video to your onQ course Add a Video from YouTube, Vimeo or other supported video websites.
 *Not Supported but some help available

Ensemble Video

The Streaming Service

Use The Streaming Service to store your pre-recorded lectures.

The Streaming Service can be used by faculties, departments, and instructors to:

Text Instructions: Adding a Video located in the Streaming Service (Ensemble Video) to onQ.

Watch: Upload a video to Ensemble, add and edit captions


Tool Description
* Quicktime Use QuickTime Player to record, edit, and share audio and video files on your Mac.
* SoundCloud Upload your podcast to SoundCloud.
* Screencast-o-matic Record, and edit your pre-record lecture videos.
Free account allows 15 maximum recording.
* Not Supported but some help may available.
* Audacity Use Audacity to record and edit lecture podcasts.
Watch: How to edit a podcast in Audacity to get started.
To add your lecture podcast to your onQ course Add a Video from YouTube, Vimeo or other supported video websites.
* Not Supported

*Tools Not Supported By Queen's