End of Course Student Evaluation


Queen's Survey of Students' Experience of Teaching (QSSET)

"hand holding a pen, checking off a box on a piece of paper"QSSET or Queen's Survey of Students' Experience of Teaching is the newest version of the University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching. This new survey was first implemented in the Fall term of 2020 and became the official survey of the learning experience at Queen's. Developed with the Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA), the content of the survey is based on the criteria outlined in Article 29 of the Collective Agreement between the University and QUFA.

More information on QSSET is available through the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) website.

Interpreting Your Student Feedback

The CTL is happy to consult with you individually in terms of how to interpret results, look for common themes, and find areas of strength and for improvement.

You can include summaries and points you wish to emphasize in the ‘evidence of effectiveness’ section of your teaching dossier. Refer your readers to the appendix for the full survey. A well-designed teaching dossier will have many different types of evidence of effectiveness, and the CTL’s teaching dossier resource goes into more detail on what those could be.

QUFA Members should follow the requirements laid out in the Collective Agreement Article 29.4 (above). Include a statement explaining how you administered the survey, the response rate, all questions asked, and any other pertinent information.

A sample format might be as follows:

End of Course Survey



End of term onQ survey created by the instructor for a course taught in the Winter 2020 term for the purpose of receiving formative feedback from students in order to improve course design and/or teaching effectiveness. All responses were voluntary and anonymous. See Appendix for the instructions given to students, the full survey, and all responses.

Question Mean Score
[pertinent question 1]  
[question 2]    

Representative Student Comments: [INSERT]

Instructor’s Responses to Comments/Plans for Improvement: [INSERT]

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