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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Robin Attas, Ph.D.

Educational Developer

Contact Information:

Email: robin.attas@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77741


Robin comes to educational development after five years as a full-time faculty member in music theory and general education at Elon University (USA) and Mount Allison University (Canada). Her music and educational research interests often intersect, with projects including revitalizing the undergraduate music theory curriculum for the 21st century, decolonization and settler-colonial theory as applied to teaching and learning in higher education, the use of writing assignments to foster disciplinary thinking and practices, and a three-year course redesign project exploring ways to uncover and teach expert processes of musical analysis.

At the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Robin supports faculty, staff, and students around topics including writing pedagogy, new faculty and graduate student teaching development, and decolonization as a Settler (non-Indigenous) person. Given her disciplinary background, Robin is particularly interested in supporting faculty, staff, and students in the arts and humanities, but also in building bridges across disciplines to foster a campus-wide support network for teaching and learning.

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Ph.D. in Music Theory University of British Columbia
M.A. Music Theory University of British Columbia
B.Mus. Queen’s University


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