Student Educational Technology Assistants Team

Do you need help with preparing your Undergraduate or Graduate Course for the Fall?

Do you need help with generating captions or your video captions edited?
The Centre for Teaching and Learning has hired six Student Educational Technology Assistants to meet with you individually and provide you personalized guidance, support, and dedicate time to build your course.
Beginning August 17th and throughout the fall and winter term a Student Educational Technology Assistant will be available for booking to meet remotely.
Under the training and guidance of the Educational Technology Team of the Centre for Teaching the Student Educational Technology Assistant can provide assistance with:

  • Setting up your onQ course
  • Adding Content
  • Creating Groups
  • Adding Assessments
  • Inserting Quizzes
  • Setting up the Grade Book
  • Setting up Turnitin
  • Creating and Editing Lecture Videos
  • Adding Captions to Video Lectures
  • Using O365 Teams or Zoom

To request help please fill in the Educational Technology Assistance Intake Form.

Gazette Article:

Team of students assisting instructors with technology issues Published on Monday, August 24, 2020

Student Educational Captioning Assistants

Do you need help with generating captions or your video captions edited?

Use this intake form to request assistance from the Student Educational Captioning Assistants.

Beginning October 19th and throughout the Fall and Winter term a Student Educational Captioning Assistant will be available to assist you with captioning.

To allow the Students Educational Captioning Assistants to work with you they will need access to your videos and video storage accounts, and will advise you on the best way to give them access.

Note: Ensemble is the preferred method for captioning and storing videos at Queen's University.

PRIORITY will be given to Instructors with QSAS Verified Accommodated Students in their course.