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Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning


Please note: All consultations are being done remotely due to COVID-19.

Natalie Simper and Klodiana Kolomitro working together in the Centre

To request a consultation, please email us at ctl@queensu.ca.

The CTL consultation services are a great resource for Faculties, Departments, groups or individuals who wish to develop their teaching methods and practices. Consultations are meant to provide anyone with teaching responsibilities an opportunity to explore, improve or discuss any aspects of teaching and tasks related to educating at Queen's. 

For inquiries outside of our scope of practice we will identify appropriate resources on campus to help you find what you need, quickly.

It is sometimes assumed that our consultation services are for instructors experiencing teaching problems. While we are happy to offer assistance in such situations, the CTL collaborates with many highly motivated and effective instructors looking to explore new instructional or assessment methods in their classes. Every person with teaching responsibilities at Queen's is welcome in the Centre.

To request a consultation, please email us at ctl@queensu.ca.

Types of consultations are as varied as the people and contexts on campus; they range from quick, phone-in or email one-off requests for resources to departmental meetings over the course of an academic year. If you have questions about the process, please let us know.

Type of Consultation Some Common Options

- email or phone requests for educational resources

- consultations on identifying course learning outcomes, redesigning a course or designing assessment opportunities (face-to-face or virtual)

- observations of teaching

- interpreting USAT scores to plan for course improvement

- review of teaching philosophy statements and teaching dossiers

- Consultations on sound uses of educational technology including Lecture capture and OnQ, the new learning management system (LMS)

Peer Based - If you're interested in trying something new or in speaking with someone in or outside your own discipline, we may be able to identify others across campus with similar interests. In addition, our Open Classrooms program affords opportunities to drop in to observe some of the University's teaching award winners in action.

- preparation for Cyclic Program Review

- curriculum mapping

- program development

- departmental initiatives in educational research

- discipline specific TA development

To request a consultation, please email us at ctl@queensu.ca.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Information about instructors and departments who choose to use our services will not be released to any other person or department unless the user requests and authorizes the release of information.