Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Learning Spaces

 The CTL can help inform the effective use of technology for teaching and learning and foster the development of innovative and effective learning environments. The CTL collaborates with educators at the university on matters related to design, use and assessment of the teaching and learning environment. Our purpose is to provide a perspective that represents the needs of faculty and that enhances students’ learning experience. We work primarily with on-campus courses and programs, supporting courseware development used to complement face-to-face teaching and enhance the learning experience of students. The teaching and learning environment includes both physical and virtual spaces and the implementation of learning technology to support learning in all instructional environments at Queen’s including:

Active Learning Classrooms

Active learning classrooms (ALCs) are learning spaces that have been designed to facilitate and promote active learning. Research on learning space design has demonstrated that the design of a classroom has impact upon the way in which students and instructors interact and engage in teaching and learning. 

Active learning strategies often involve complex, student-centered interactions between professors, students, local, and global communities. The physical space of an ALC promotes and encourages these interactions though accessible and flexible classroom design.

Focus on Active Learning: Active Learning Strategies

Included here are strategies designed to support students’ active learning in a variety of contexts: lecture; tutorial/seminar; and team- or group-based learning. All strategies can be adapted to multiple contexts, face-to-face or virtual, and are presented simply as catalysts to your own creativity. The single most critical factor in selecting a strategy is ensuring that it directly supports the intended learning outcomes.


Focus on Active Learning: Active Learning Strategies (PDF, 599KB)

Learn more about the Active Learning Classrooms.

onQ Support Website

The onQ Support Website has resources for both students and instructors. 

Learn more on the onQ Support Website.

Lecture Capture

In 2008 The Virtualization Task Force was charged with examining the potential for use of information technology and electronic media in reducing costs of instruction, alleviating space constraints associated with growing enrolment, and enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning environment at Queen's. The term virtualization was chosen to be intentionally broad in scope, in order to capture all facets of the use of media and information technologies as they are used in the teaching and learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. In the short term, it was recognized that there was a need to experiment with a variety of teaching models and that this experimentation would require the cooperation of experts in teaching and learning, technology, and specific disciplines. As part of this examination a system was developed which allowed for automatic capturing and uploading to a streaming server of live lectures within a large lecture hall.

Technology Borrowing through the Library

All of their locations have a variety of equipment you can borrow on 3-hour loan. They have:

  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Laptop power adapters
  • Laptop computers
  • Laptop projectors
  • Headphones
  • Cables and adapters
  • Power bars
  • Wireless microphones
  • Portable CD/DVD players

Please visit their website to learn more!