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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Guest Lecturing

The key to guest lecturing is being connected to the course content and learning outcomes, as well as being engaging or innovative.

You have to be both organized and flexible.  The onus is on you to communicate and negotiate the professor’s expectations of your visit to their classroom.  At minimum, you should request the course syllabus to figure out how best to integrate your material into the broader parameters of the course.

Things to ask in advance:

Request a syllabus
Learning Outcomes and Course description
Class location and Times
Attendance register?
How many students are in the class and level
Type of class (e.g. Lecture-based; activity-based, etc.)
The professor’s expectations of your presentation
Technology requirements!
Will the professor be present or absent?
Any assessment needs?

Things to do for the lecture:

Arrive early and check out the room
Check your tech – make sure you know what’s what and what you need
Prepare any handouts
Introduce yourself to the class, who you are and why you are here
Map out your learning agenda for the session, providing clear links to the overall course
Consider an ice-breaker activity (if appropriate)
Be mindful of your time
Consider offering a break mid-way (both for yourself and your students)
At the end, thank both the students and the professor
Consider some sort of student feedback or evaluation capture for your teaching dossier.

Timeline: Initial Contact; Folluw-up, Expectations and Negotiations; Proposal/Lesson Plan; Follow-up, Expectations and Negotiations; Prepare your materials; Guest Lecture and Feedback; and Debrief with Professor