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Time Management

Below you will find some useful resources via the hyperlinks that can help you manage your time effectively in balancing Teaching Assistant responsibilities alongside coursework, other jobs, personal well-being, etc.

General Time Management Strategies

  1. Time Management Tips for Graduate Students: Thoughtco Or University of Toronto

Time Management Toolkit

  1. Calendar (Google, Outlook, paper, etc.): Keep track of upcoming events and deadlines, set reminders, and share your calendars with others to help structure your days and allocate your time more intentionally. 
  2. Todoist: A simple, free online task management system.
  3. Evernote: A virtual folder system that you can store work on and access from any device or platform.
  4. Google Documents: Working on a group document together? Google Documents can be shared between and edited at the same time by multiple people (free Gmail account required). 
  5. Doodle: Scheduling a meeting with a number of people? Doodle polls can be used to collect people's availabilities without the need for multiple emails back and forth. 
  6. Other apps: Search up other time or task management apps on your device, test out different apps, and find one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Classroom Time Management Strategies

  1. UC Berkeley Teaching Guide for Graduate Student Instructors: Time Management Strategies - Helpful suggestions for managing time in your classroom. The entire Teaching Guide for GSIs is also a very good resource.
  2. Time Saving Tips for Teachers - Useful article on ways to organize and save time in your classroom
  3. Time Management for Teachers - 7-minute video on YouTube


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