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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Tracking Hours

Tracking your TA/TF hours is an important part of managing your professional life as a graduate student. You are contracted to a specific amount of TA/TF hours that are distributed across the academic term or the academic year. Teaching is an important part of your work as a graduate student, but it is only one of many various and competing obligations and commitments. Keeping a record of your hours is a useful advocacy and communication tool when negotiating your workload and timelines with your professor.

PSAC 901 has a variety of resources to help you understand and manage your hours.

PSAC 901 Website

  • PSAC Local 901 is the union of Graduate Teaching Assistants, Fellows and Postdoctoral Scholars at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. We are a directly-chartered local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Our non-profit organization strives to protect, maintain, and advance the interests of the members of the Local. We are committed to promoting equity and social justice within the Local, PSAC, Queen’s University, and the broader Kingston community.

Excel Sheet TA Time Tracker

Understanding Your Teaching Assistant Form

Understanding Your Teaching Fellow Form