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Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Guidelines, complete instructions, and  all required appraisal forms, and the web-based application system for the 2019-2020 SSHRC Doctoral Awards competition are now available at the SSHRC website:

The online application to the Doctoral Awards competition is here:

All applicants MUST use the web-based application system to apply for this scholarship competition. Applicants must then print off, sign, and submit to their department (or to SSHRC if they are eligible/required to apply directly to SSHRC) the completed final version of the application, including transcripts and other attachments. Departments are responsible for ensuring that all applicants, referees and department reviewers use the current version of all forms as found on the website.

SSHRC’s Website Resources

SSHRC continues to update features on its website, including:

• A webpage listing upcoming competition deadlines:

• The Resource Centre, which includes helpful information and tips for students and postdoctoral researchers:

• Social media to publicize its funding opportunities and activities:


Facebook:  ;  and


A complete application must be submitted to Cultural Studies by Wednesday October 31, consisting of the following items in the order listed:

1. Completed Web-Based Doctoral Award Application Form, printed and signed, with no PLEASE VERIFY watermark showing

2. Program of Study (maximum two pages)

3. Bibliography and Citations (maximum five pages)

4. Research Contributions (if applicable, maximum one page)

5. Supplement and/or Joint or Special Initiative Justifications (if applicable, maximum one page per justification)

6. Allowable Inclusions (if applicable, maximum one page)

7. Official Letter to Confirm Part-Time Study and/or Leave of Absence (if applicable, maximum one page)

8. All Official and/or Certified Copies of ALL Undergraduate and Graduate-Level Transcripts, including an official up to date Queen’s University transcript showing enrollment in Fall 2018 for all currently enrolled students

9. Letters of Appraisal (two letters, in sealed envelopes, maximum one page each)

10. Departmental Appraisal form (Cultural Studies will complete this section)

11. Completed Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information Form

12. Application Checklist

Please contact Carrie Miles at (or stop by B137) if you have any questions.