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Cultural Studies

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Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Guidelines, complete instructions, and  all required appraisal forms, and the web-based application system for the 2019-2020 SSHRC Doctoral Awards competition are now available at the SSHRC website:

The online application to the Doctoral Awards competition is here:

All applicants MUST use the web-based application system to apply for this scholarship competition. SSHRC requires the applicant to upload PDF copies of up-to-date official transcripts including legends of all current and previous studies to their application in the SSHRC online application portal. This is a NEW process for SSHRC applicants. Successful uploading of all required up-to-date official transcripts is the responsibility of the applicant, and must be completed in time for the application to be submitted online by the October 15, 2019 deadline.

SSHRC’s Website Resources

SSHRC continues to update features on its website, including:

• A webpage listing upcoming competition deadlines:

• The Resource Centre, which includes helpful information and tips for students and postdoctoral researchers:

• Social media to publicize its funding opportunities and activities:


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Please contact Jen Powell at (or stop by B137) if you have any questions.